2012 IRIS Workshop

Calibration Coil Forcing Constants from Sine Waves

A. T. Ringler: U.S. Geological Survey, D. Wilson: U.S. Geological Survey, C. R. Hutt: U.S. Geological Survey, L. S. Gee: U.S. Geological Survey, Y. Prior: Honeywell Technology Solutions Incorporated

Initial estimates of an instrument’s mid-band sensitivity are made using a high precision step table. By running a suite of sine wave calibrations after the instrument is deployed in conjunction with estimating the full response it is possible to derive any changes in an instrument’s sensitivity.

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The mid-band gain of a broadband seismometer is possibly one of the most used pieces of information in station metadata. This ultimately leads to high quality well constrained metadata. Our method is capable of estimating changes to well within 1% and can be applied using any frequency sine wave within the pass-band of the instrument.

Acknoweldgements: We thank Dan McNamara and Dave Ketchum for helpful reviews of this work.

Keywords: instrumentation

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