2012 IRIS Workshop

Bulk Processing of USArray Data in Search of Dynamic Earthquake Triggering

Aaron A. Velasco: University of Texas at El Paso, Deborah L. Kilb: Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Kristine L. Pankow: University of Utah

We systematically search for dynamically triggered events from the USArray TA stations (triangles) for two teleseismic megatrust events (Japan M=9.0 2011 and Chile M=8.8 2010) and two large regional events (Baja California M=7.2 2010 and Wells Nevada M=6.0 2008). We optimize detectors to identify local and regional triggered events. These events provide a range of amplitudes and orientations (blue circles/lines), and we are processing data for all M>7 global earthquakes since 2010.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0057.png

For additional information visit http://quakeinfo.ucsd.edu/~dkilb/EarthScope/EarthScope/Project_Overview.html

Acknoweldgements: This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number EAR-1053376: Collaborative Research: Systematic Analysis of Dynamic Earthquake Triggering Using the USArray Data.

For further reading: Cerda, I., Gonzalez-Huizar, H., Velasco, A. A., Kilb, D. L., and K. L. Pankow, Systematic Analysis of Dynamic Earthquake Triggering Using the EarthScope’s USArray Data, Eos Trans. AGU, Fall Meet. Suppl., Abstract S13A-2258. Velasco, A. A., D. L. Kilb, K. L. Pankow, and H. Gonzalez-Huizar, 2012, Tuning detection algorithms for the analysis of dynamic earthquake triggering using EarthScope’s USArray sata, SSA Annual Meeting.

Keywords: earthquake, triggering, dynamic, aftershock, remote, detection

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