2012 IRIS Workshop

Spectral Analysis for Earthquake Cluster Detection

Deb Fagan: Boise State University, Kasper van Wijk: Boise State University, Jim Rutledge: MEQ Geo

What was identified as a single cluster of microseismic events, based on p- and s-wave arrival times, turns out to break down in two distinct sets of events with each a characteristic power spectrum. The time series for these events are highly correlated, but their power spectra are shifted by a small but significant amount. This indicates either failure on two separate faults, or a fault extending from one formation into another.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0051.png

Acknoweldgements: We would like to acknowledge Schlumberger, and in particular Ian Bradford and Daniel Raymer, for their support in this research. In addition, we thank Ludmila Adam and Jack Pelton for their valuable feedback on this research.

Keywords: hypocenters, spectral_analysis

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