2012 IRIS Workshop

Ground Truth Monitoring System

Steven R. Taylor: Rocky Mountain Geophysics, Phillip E. Harben: Rocky Mountain Geophysics, Steve Jarpe: Jarpe Data Solutions, David B. Harris: Deschutes Signal Processing

We are developing an inexpensive, compact deployable Ground Truth Monitoring System (GTMS) for obtaining calibration ground truth information (timing, location, magnitude) autonomously from mining regions. The GTMS is capable of operating continuously for 6-months on a single small battery pack, weighs about 3 lbs, is simple to install and will cost about $1500. We anticipate that the unit can be easily adapted for the IRIS RAMP program.

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Acknoweldgements: Sponsored by the Office of Science (SBIR) U.S. Department of Energy Award No. DE-SC0004230

Keywords: seismic, acoustic, smart_sensor_system

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