2012 IRIS Workshop

Complex Faulting in the Yuha Desert Shown By Newly Detected Aftershocks

Kayla A. Kroll: UC Riverside, Elizabeth S. Cochran: US Geological Survey, Keith B. Richards-Dinger: UC Riverside

Preliminary relocations of ~6,000 new aftershocks that occurred within 3 weeks of the El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake. These events were detected in the continuous data collected by 8 temporary seismometers deployed following the mainshock. Current analysis of the remaining 5 weeks of data will detect and relocate all events not contained network catalogs. These events will help explain the complex nature of faulting seen in the Yuha Desert, the region between the Laguna Salada and Elsinore Faults.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0022.tiff

Five of the temporary stations were borrowed from the IRIS/PASSCAL Instrument Center.

Acknoweldgements: Southern California Earthquake Center

Keywords: relocation, hypodd, aftershock, conjugate_faulting

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