2012 IRIS Workshop

Source and Structural Investigations at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivian Andes (PLUTONS Project)

Celso R. Alvizuri: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alexandra Farrell:UAF, Qingping Yu:UAF, Christopher Bruton:UAF, Michael West: UAF, Stephen McNutt:UAF, Doug Christensen:UAF, Carl Tape:UAF

Station map shows 33 broadband seismometers deployed around Uturuncu volcano in the southernmost Bolivian Andes. Waveforms of body waves and surface waves of local events recorded at the stations were used to estimate moment tensors. Post-surface wave waveforms indicated considerable structural complexity. The complementary seismological efforts are ongoing and will continue to form a basis for interpreting the active tectonics of the volcanic region.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0019.ai


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