2012 IRIS Workshop

Possible Nonvolcanic Tremor on the Reelfoot Fault?

Blaine Bockholt: University of Memphis, Charles Langston: University of Memphis, Heather DeShon: University of Memphis

A) Unusual microseismic activity seen only on the vertical components of array, marked in red. B) Histogram showing the number of unusual events per day (blue) and local seismicity (red). C) Modified rose graph showing backazithum together with slowness values. Note a large percentage of the arrivals are from the west with high phase velocities (5 - 10 km.sec), implying a source directly beneath the array.

Full-resolution graphics file in original format: 0014.ai

Acknoweldgements: USGS NEHRP program (G09AP00141 to CL, HRD, SH, & MW and G11AP00066 to HRD, CL, and SH)

Keywords: tremor, reelfoot_fault, micro

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