2012 IRIS Workshop

Keyword tremor




Blaine Bockholt: University of Memphis, Charles Langston: University of Memphis, Heather DeShon: University of Memphis

Possible Nonvolcanic Tremor on the Reelfoot Fault?

tremor, reelfoot_fault, micro

Justin R Sweet: University of Washington, Kenneth C Creager: University of Washington

Systematic Variability in LFE Recurrence Time Up and Down-dip

lfe, low_frequency_earthquake, tremor

T. Thomas: University of Washington, J.E. Vidale: University of Washington, A. Ghosh: University of California Santa Cruz, K.C. Creager: University of Washington, H. Houston: University of Washington,

Zooming-In on Cascadia Episodic Tremor and Slip with an Array of Arrays

ets, tremor, slow_slip, streaks, lfe, array_of_arrays, beamforming

Jacob Walter: University of California Santa Cruz, Susan Y. Schwartz: University of California, Santa Cruz

Shallow Offshore Tremor and Slow Slip at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

tremor, slow_slip

Amanda Klaus: University of Washington, Ken Creager: University of Washington, Aaron Wech: Victoria University of Wellington, Justin Sweet: University of Washington

Influence of Tides on Cascadia Tremor Amplitudes

tremor, episodic_tremor_and_slip, tides, tidal_stress, slow_slip, cascadia, tremor_amplitude

Carl Ulberg: Ken Creager: Justin Sweet: Aaron Wech:

Search for Tectonic Tremor in Central Chile Following the February 2010 Maule Earthquake

chile, tremor, slow_slip

Ken Creager: U. Washington, Justin Sweet: U. Washington

Slow Rupture Speed of Low Frequency Earthquakes

cascadia, tremor, slow_slip, low_frequency_earthquakes, rupture_speed