2012 IRIS Workshop

Keyword tomography




Fan-Chi Lin: Seismolab Caltech, Brandon Schmandt: Seismolab Caltech, Victor C. Tsai: Seismolab Caltech, Michael H. Ritzwoller: University of Colorado Boulder

Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocity, Local Amplification, and Ellipticity Observed Across USArray: Is 3D Density Tomography in the Crust and Upper Mantle Possible?

surface_wave, tomography, amplification, h_v_ratio

Lindsay L. Worthington: Texas A&M University, William L. Yeck: University of Colorado at Boulder, Kate C. Miller: Texas A&M University, Anne F. Sheehan: University of Colorado at Boulder, Eric A. Ersl:

Crustal Thickness and Velocity Structure Across the Bighorn Mountains, Northern Wyoming: Insights into Laramide-style Orogenesis from the Bighorn Arch Seismic Experiment (BASE)

tomography, active_source_seismology, receiver_function, orogenesis

Melissa M. Moore-Driskell:University of Memphis, Heather R. DeShon: University of Memphis, Wolfgang Rabbel:Christian-Albrechts-University, Martin Thorwart: Christian-Albrechts-University, Yvonne Dzier:

3D Double Difference Velocity Tomography of Costa Rica and Nicaragua

tomography, subduction

Gabrielle Tepp:, Manahloh Belachew:, Cynthia Ebinger: EES Department, University of Rochester, Mario Ruiz: IGEPN, Ecuador, L Davidge: EES Department, University of Rochester

Imaging Crustal Magma Reservoirs Beneath Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul Volcanoes, Galapagos


S W French: UC Berkeley – Berkeley Seismological Laboratory, Vedran Lekic: University of Maryland, Barbara Romanowicz: UC Berkeley – Berkeley Seismological Laboratory

Global Waveform Tomography of the Upper Mantle Using the Spectral Element Method: A Second-Generation Model

upper-mantle_structure, tomography, computational_seismology

Amberlee Darold: University of Oregon, Gene Humphreys: University of Oregon

Explaining the Columbia River Flood Basalts

tomography, columbia_river_basalt

Eric Matzel: Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratory

Imaging faults using virtual seismometers

interferometry, tomography