2012 IRIS Workshop

Keyword receiver_functions




Ryan C. Porter: Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington; Matthew J. Fouch: Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington

Seismic Structure of the Lithosphere Within the Great Basin

great_basin, ambient_noise, receiver_functions

Pascal Audet: University of Ottawa, Susan Y Schwartz: University of California Santa Cruz

Structural and Hydrologic Controls on Subduction Zone Seismogenic Behaviour at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

receiver_functions, subduction_zone, seismogenic_behaviour

Brandon Schmandt: Caltech, Ken Dueker: U. Wyoming, Steve Hansen: U. Wyoming

Mapping Transition Zone Topography Beneath USArray

transition_zone, receiver_functions

Vera Schulte-Pelkum: U Colorado Boulder, Glenn Biasi: U Nevada Reno, Anne Sheehan: U Colorado Boulder, Craig Jones: U Colorado Boulder

Differential Motion Between Upper Crust and Lithospheric Mantle in the Central Basin and Range

lithosphere-asthenosphere_boundary, receiver_functions, isostatic_compensation, mantle_density, basalt_geochemistry