2012 IRIS Workshop

Keyword instrumentation




Kasper van Wijk: Boise State University, Ted Channel: Boise State University, Martin Smith: Blindgoat Geophysical, Chris Knudsen: New England Research Inc.

Recording Earthquakes with the Slinky Seismometer

education, earthquake_seismology, instrumentation

Katherine E. Anderson: New Mexico Tech, Jacob F. Anderson: New Mexico Tech, Robert E. Anthony: New Mexico Tech, Julien Chaput: New Mexico Tech, Nicole D. McMahon: New Mexico Tech, Emily A. Morton: New

A Site Comparison Between Shallow Vault-Deploted and Direct Burial Broadband Seismometers

instrumentation, coherency, signal_to_noise, broadband_seismometers, direct_burial_installation, absolute_and_differential_noise_levels, site_comparison, vault_installation, pdf, psd

A. T. Ringler: U.S. Geological Survey, D. Wilson: U.S. Geological Survey, C. R. Hutt: U.S. Geological Survey, L. S. Gee: U.S. Geological Survey, Y. Prior: Honeywell Technology Solutions Incorporated

Calibration Coil Forcing Constants from Sine Waves