2012 IRIS Workshop

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Kasper van Wijk: Boise State University, Ted Channel: Boise State University, Martin Smith: Blindgoat Geophysical, Chris Knudsen: New England Research Inc.

Recording Earthquakes with the Slinky Seismometer

education, earthquake_seismology, instrumentation

Michael Hubenthal: IRIS, John Taber: IRIS, Rick Aster: New Mexico Tech

IRIS' Undergraduate Internship Program Celebrates its 15th Year and Offers New Opportunities for Community Involvement!

education, undergraduate, internship, seismology

Patrick McQuillan: IRIS Consortium, Russ Welti: IRIS Consortium, Shelley Olds: UNAVCO

Create a Real-Time Geoscience Display for Your Department's Lobby

education, public_outreach, exhibit, display, active_earth_monitor, kiosk, real_time_data, earthquake_channel, seismic_monitor

Bob Butler: University of Portland, Tammy Bravo: IRIS, Michael Hubenthal: IRIS, Jenda Johnson: Volcano Video Productions, Aubrey Patsika: IRIS

IRIS: InClass - Infrastructure to Support the Dissemination and Implementation Seismology Education Resources at the Undergraduate Level

education, web, curriculum, seismology, grand_challenges

Glenn C. Kroeger: Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

SeismicCanvas: Interactive Software for Accessing and Analyzing Seismic Waveform Data

education, software, undergraduate, waveforms, web_services, cross-platform