2012 IRIS Workshop

Keyword ambient_noise_tomography




Ezer Patlan:, Antony Walmawa:, Lennox E Thompson:, Ashley Grijalva:, Galen Kaip:, Aaron A Velasco:

Ambient Noise Tomography Studey of the Insight Structure of Menengai Caldera: Geothermal Prospect in the Central Keyna Domes

ambient_noise_tomography, local_earthquakes, natural_hazard, geothermal_exploration

Will Levandowski:, Craig Jones:, Weisen Shen:, Mike Ritzwoller:

Buoyancy Sources in the Western U.S.

buoyancy, isostasy, ambient_noise_tomography, receiver_function

Mallory Morell: Univ. of Arizona, Kevin M. Ward: Univ. of Arizona, Susan L. Beck: Univ. of Arizona, Steve Roecker: Rensselaer Politechnic Inst., Anne Meltzer: Lehigh Univ., Lucy Brown: Lehigh Univ.

Imaging the Forearc in South-Central Chile Using Receiver Function Migration and Ambient Noise Tomography

chile, forearc, receiver_function, ambient_noise_tomography

Kasper van Wijk: Boise State University, Dylan Mikesell: Boise State University, Vera Schulte-Pelkum: CU Boulder, Josh Stachnik: UofA Fairbanks

Estimating the Rayleigh-wave Impulse Response Between Seismic Stations with the Cross Terms of the Green Tensor

ambient_noise_tomography, multi-component_seismology

Kevin M. Ward: The University of Arizona, Ryan Porter: Carnegie Institution of Washington, George Zandt: The University of Arizona, Susan L. Beck: The University of Arizona, Estela Minaya: El Observat

Ambient Noise Tomography of the Central Andes

central_andes, ambient_noise_tomography

Jiayi Xie:U. Colorado, Michael H. Ritzwoller:U. Colorado

Imaging Crustal Radial Anisotropy Structure in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau Using Ambient Noise

ambient_noise_tomography, radial_anisotropy

Ray Willemann: IRIS Consortium, Greg Beroza: Stanford University, Shuo Ma: San Diego State University

Leveraging Asynchronous Dense Deployments -- An Important Benefit from Extending the Operation of "One-in-Four" TA Stations