2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Yu"




Celso R. Alvizuri: University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alexandra Farrell:UAF, Qingping Yu:UAF, Christopher Bruton:UAF, Michael West: UAF, Stephen McNutt:UAF, Doug Christensen:UAF, Carl Tape:UAF

Source and Structural Investigations at Uturuncu Volcano, Bolivian Andes (PLUTONS Project)

Chunquan Yu: EAPS-MIT, Xuefeng Shang: EAPS-MIT; Robert van der Hilst: EAPS-MIT, Martijn de Hoop: CCAM-Purdue

Seismic Imaging of the Upper Mantle Discontinuities Across the Western United States: CCP and ARF-RTM Approach

array_receiver_function, upper_mantle_discontinuities, western_us