2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Tsai"




Fan-Chi Lin: Seismolab Caltech, Brandon Schmandt: Seismolab Caltech, Victor C. Tsai: Seismolab Caltech, Michael H. Ritzwoller: University of Colorado Boulder

Rayleigh Wave Phase Velocity, Local Amplification, and Ellipticity Observed Across USArray: Is 3D Density Tomography in the Crust and Upper Mantle Possible?

surface_wave, tomography, amplification, h_v_ratio

Lingsen Meng: Caltech, Jean-Paul Ampuero: Caltech, Joann Stock: Caltech, Zacharie Duputel: Caltech, Yingdi Luo: Caltech, Victor Tsai: Caltech

Rupture Branching of the 2012 M8.6 Sumatra Earthquake

back_projection, source_imaging, sumatra