2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Shen"




Will Levandowski:, Craig Jones:, Weisen Shen:, Mike Ritzwoller:

Buoyancy Sources in the Western U.S.

buoyancy, isostasy, ambient_noise_tomography, receiver_function

Lun Li: University of Houston, Aibing Li: University of Houston, Yang Shen: University of Rhode Island, Eric A Sandvol: University of Missouri, Danian Shi: China Academy of Geological Sciences, Hongyi

Rayleigh Wave Tomography in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau

rayleigh_wave_tomography, northeastern_tibetan_plateau

Haiying Gao: University of Rhode Island, Yang Shen: University of Rhode Island

Seismic Evidence for 3D Decompression Melting at the Cascadia Subduction Zone

melting_process, cascades

Yang Shen:U Rhode Island, Wei Zhang:U Rhode Island

Full-Wave Ambient Noise Tomography of the Eastern Hemisphere

full-wave_tomography, ambient_noise, crust, upper_mantle

Weisen Shen: Center for Imaging the Earth’s Interior, Department of Physics, University of Colorado at Boulder, Michael H. Ritzwoller: Center for Imaging the Earth’s Interior, Department of Physic

A 3-D Shear Velocity Model of the Crust and Uppermost Mantle Beneath the Western US from Bayesian Monte Carlo Inversion of Surface Wave Dispersion and Receiver Functions

surface_wave_inversion, receiver_function, monte_carlo_inversion