2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Schwartz"




Pascal Audet: University of Ottawa, Susan Y Schwartz: University of California Santa Cruz

Structural and Hydrologic Controls on Subduction Zone Seismogenic Behaviour at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

receiver_functions, subduction_zone, seismogenic_behaviour

Susan Y. Schwartz: Jake Walter: UC Santa Cruz; Marino Protti:, Victor Gonzalez: OVSICORI-UNA, Costa Rica; Andrew Newman:Georgia Institute of Technology

Slow Slip and Tremor at the Northern Costa Rica Subduction Zone

slow_slip, nonvolcanic_tremor

Jacob Walter: University of California Santa Cruz, Susan Y. Schwartz: University of California, Santa Cruz

Shallow Offshore Tremor and Slow Slip at the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

tremor, slow_slip