2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Newman"




L. Astiz:, J. A. Eakins:, V. M. Martynov:, T. A. Cox:, J. Tytell:, G.H. Karasu:, R.L. Newman:, J. C. Reyes:, G. A. Davis:, F.L. Vernon: All at U.C. San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

The ANF Seismic Bulletin


Susan Y. Schwartz: Jake Walter: UC Santa Cruz; Marino Protti:, Victor Gonzalez: OVSICORI-UNA, Costa Rica; Andrew Newman:Georgia Institute of Technology

Slow Slip and Tremor at the Northern Costa Rica Subduction Zone

slow_slip, nonvolcanic_tremor

Jaime A. Convers: Georgia Institute of Technology, Andrew V. Newman: Georgia Institute of Technology

The Use of Seismic Energy Release for Real-time Characterization of Tsunami Potential from Slow-source and Giant Earthquakes

earthquake_energy, megathrust_earthquakes, tsunami_earthquakes, real_time