2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Johnson"




Ellen M. Syracuse: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rob A. Holt: Victoria University of Wellington, Martha K. Savage: Victoria University of Wellington, Jessica H. Johnson: Victoria University of Well

Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Hypocentres and Anisotropy from the Darfield Aftershock Sequence: Implications for Fault Geometry and Age

darfield_earthquake, aftershocks, anisotropy

Bob Butler: University of Portland, Tammy Bravo: IRIS, Michael Hubenthal: IRIS, Jenda Johnson: Volcano Video Productions, Aubrey Patsika: IRIS

IRIS: InClass - Infrastructure to Support the Dissemination and Implementation Seismology Education Resources at the Undergraduate Level

education, web, curriculum, seismology, grand_challenges