2012 IRIS Workshop

Science Highlights with Author "Cochran"




Kayla A. Kroll: UC Riverside, Elizabeth S. Cochran: US Geological Survey, Keith B. Richards-Dinger: UC Riverside

Complex Faulting in the Yuha Desert Shown By Newly Detected Aftershocks

relocation, hypodd, aftershock, conjugate_faulting

Elizabeth S. Cochran: U.S. Geological Survey, Jesse F. Lawrence: Stanford University, Angela Chung: Stanford University, Anna Kaiser: GNS Science, Bill Fry: GNS Science, John Evans: U.S. Geological Su

Ground Motion Estimates and Rapid Earthquake Detection Using the Quake-Catcher Network

rapid_earthquake_detection, seismic_instrumentation, large_n_networks

Danielle F. Sumy: National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow visiting at the United States Geological Survey, Pasadena, CA, USA, Elizabeth S. Cochran: United States Geological Survey, Pasadena, C

Investigating the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Earthquakes and Tremor Along the Cholame Segment of the San Andreas Fault