Job Opening

USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Fellow

US Geological Survey

Posted: 11/15/2018

Open Until: 01/18/2019

Institution: US Geological Survey
Open Until: 2019-01-18

USGS Mendenhall Post-doctoral Fellowship to study “Earthquake-related land-level changes and their cascading consequences in Cascadia and elsewhere”. 
Within seconds to minutes, megathrust earthquakes may cause land-level changes along hundreds of kilometers of coastline and inundation equivalent to hundreds of years of sea level rise. These perturbed coastal lands will continue to evolve over many decades, while adjusting to coseismic slip, secondary faulting, shallow material responses, and mantle processes. The plate convergence and interface locking that lead to megathrust earthquakes also cause slowly evolving surface uplift and subsidence. These often-overlooked land-level changes will affect tidal and tsunami runup, stream and river gradients, surface and groundwater drainage, flooding potential, coastal ecosystems, sedimentation and erosion, and coastal and off-shore infrastructure. The USGS seeks a post-doctoral Fellow to conduct research needed to assess and prepare for the hazards and risks associated with earthquake-generated land-level changes and the cascade of phenomena they initiate. 
This Fellow would be stationed at the USGS’s Earthquake Science Center field office at the University of Washington in Seattle. Info about Mendenhall Fellowships generally is at, about this opportunity is at, or contact Joan Gomberg, (206) 616-5581, gomberg<at> Fellowship proposals are due January 18, 2019.


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