Job Opening

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Earthquake Seismology and/or Geodesy

Victoria University of Wellington (NZ)

Posted: 11/02/2022

Open Until: 01/07/2023

The geophysics group at Victoria University of Wellington, Te Herenga Waka, New Zealand is recruiting a 4.5 year fixed-term postdoctoral research fellow to work in the broad field of Earthquake Science using seismological and/or geodetic observations and modelling. Further details, and information on how to apply can be found here:

This position is not tied to a single project and will allow the successful applicant to explore their own research interests, and be involved and develop leadership within ongoing projects in the geophsyics group at Victoria University of Wellington. These current projects include:

* Developing national scale scientifically useful earthquake catalogues using data science and machine learning methods;
* Understanding the structure, stress state and earthquake physics on the Puysegur subduction margin beneath Fiordland;
* Developing and maintaining open-source code to facilitate earthquake science;
* Earthquake and slow earthquake detection and analysis on the Alpine Fault.

Interested applicants are advised to send questions to, and to apply through the above link.

How to Apply

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