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PhD in volcano seismology

University of Texas El paso

Posted: 05/24/2021

Open Until: 09/01/2021

This posting is to advertise an opening for a PhD student in volcano seismology, with a focus on imaging the Valles Caldera supervolcano, NM. This recently funded grant, EAR-2113367, is led by PIs Julien Chaput at UTEP and Brandon Schmandt at UNM, with a start date of fall 2021.

About the project:

The Valles caldera, one of three Quaternary-active supervolcanoes in North America and the textbook example of a resurgent caldera, has largely escaped seismic scrutiny in the past two decades. This proposal aims to advance constraints on the magmatic system beneath Valles caldera including the spatial extent and severity of melt structures, depth and emplacement of scattering boundaries, and assessment of the assumed aseismic nature of the caldera system. Ambient noise seismic interferometry will be leveraged to estimate dispersion curves for long period Rayleigh and Love waves, and these will be jointly inverted in a transdimensional Bayesian scheme with receiver functions, H/V ratios, and noise autocorrelations to accurately estimate velocity structures under the Valles caldera. Targets include bounding the spatial extent and concentration of melt through shear-wave velocity and Vp/Vs estimates, depth to magmatic structures and caldera fill under the resurgent dome through scattered wave analysis, and detection and location of any local seismicity that may reveal magma and fluid movements and challenge the assumption that the Valles caldera is aseismic.

Applicants should have good knowledge of geophysics and mathematics.
Experience with interpretative coding languages is desired (e.g., Python, Matlab).
Experience writing and publishing scientific articles is an advantage.
Applicants must be proficient in both written and oral English.

This grant guarantees 3 years of funding; additional funding will be provided commensurate on progress and performance.
For more information, please contact Dr. Julien Chaput at:

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