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PhD in seismology at Macquarie

Macquarie University

Posted: 07/15/2019

Open Until: 10/30/2019

Location: Sydney, Australia
Closes: July 30th (international), October 30th (domestic) or until filled

We are seeking PhD students to study passive source seismology within Macquarie University’s Geophysics and Geodynamics Group (MG3) commencing in January 2020.

Various potential projects are available depending on the candidate’s background and research interests. Projects range from the observational, such as imaging the Australian lithosphere with broadband seismic data, to more theoretical pursuits, such as wave propagation and imaging methods. Technical projects focused on ‘big-data’ techniques using nodal datasets and/or signal processing methods are also available. Potential exists to participate in regional fieldwork using our new broadband seismic array.

Please contact Dr. Steven Hansen ( to discuss suitable projects prior to application.


1. A research master’s degree in Geophysics, Geology, Physics, applied Maths, or Computer Science. Some background in seismology is preferred.
2. Scientific curiosity and creativity.
3. Computer programming ability, e.g. Matlab or Python. Some background with numerical techniques and high-performance computing is welcomed.
4. English language proficiency.
International and domestic PhD scholarships are available through Macquarie University and include an annual stipend of AUD~$27,000 (tax-free) per year for three years. Scholarships are competitive and the availability varies year-to-year depending on funding levels and the number of overall applicants.

International Scholarship info:

Application Requirements:

1. A CV, including a list of any publications and relevant research or work
2. Academic transcripts
3. A basic research proposal
4. Names and contact details of two to three referees
5. Proof of English language proficiency (if required)
Please forward your application to
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Steven M. Hansen
Dept. Earth and Planetary Sciences
12 Wally's Walk (E7A), Office 107
Macquarie University, North Ryde, NSW 2109
TE: +61 (0)2 9850 8423

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