Job Opening

Deep Learning Graduate Research Associate

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Posted: 07/04/2021

Open Until: 07/04/2022

Dear colleagues,

Apologies for any cross-posting. Please share with any students who might be interested in our opening of Deep Learning Graduate Research Associate described below.

We have an immediate opening for a creative and resourceful Deep Learning Graduate Research Associate with strong computational skills and experience in any of the following areas including seismic waveform inversion, imaging, earthquake detection, and characterization. We are seeking a highly motivated individual to join a multidisciplinary research team consisting of machine learning scientists, computational scientists, and domain experts to conduct cutting-edge machine learning research with application to various geophysical problems.

Minimum Job Requirements:

- Strong computational science and numerical optimization skills in any of the following areas including seismic waveform inversion, imaging, and earthquake detection, and characterization.
- Strong deep learning skills and practical experience in various neural network architectures (DNN, CNN, RNN/LSTM, GAN, or other auto-encoder).
- Practical experience with machine learning packages such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, etc.
- Code development and computational experience in using high-performance parallel computing resources.
- Solid publication record in high-impact journals, top-tier machine learning, and related conferences.
- Excellent communication, writing, and oral presentation skills.

Desired Skills:

- Demonstrated ability to work creatively and independently and in a team environment.

Minimum Education:

- Completion of a Master’s degree in Geophysics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Computational Sciences, or a related field within the past 3 years.
- Cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 is required.

To apply, please search for IRC86144 under [url=][/url]; or use the following direct link to the position:

Additional information about this position can be obtained by contacting Dr. Youzuo Lin (

Thank you all!

Youzuo Lin
Youzuo Lin, PhD
Staff Scientist
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES-17)
Los Alamos, NM 87545, USA
Phone: 505-667-7335
Website: [url=][/url]

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