Presentations Involving IRIS Staff during 2020 Fall AGU

December 7th – 18th, 2020 PT

IRIS is participating in #AGU20! View the oral presentations and posters between Monday, December 7 and Friday, December 18:

Monday, December 7

05:35 - 05:40 - ORAL PRESENTATION
ED005-01 Lessons Learned from the 2020 Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Virtual Workshop

Nathaniel J Lindsey et al.

SY005-0006 Education Resource Development and Assessment for ShakeAlert®,the Earthquake Early Warning System for the West Coast of the United States - POSTER
Danielle F Sumy et al.

Wednesday, December 9

17:45 - 17:48 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
S025-05 Seismic Detection of Ridging and Ice Deformation in Coastal Sea Ice near Utqiagvik, Alaska

Marshall Borrus et al.

Thursday, December 10

07:12 - 07:16 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
ED022-03 Going Virtual with Science Communication Training

Beth Bartel et al.

10:54 - 10:58 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
ED024-06 Lights, Camera, Action! Video Content Production and Dissemination During Distance Learning
Wendy Bohon et al.

SY031-0014 Safety Planning as Part of the Alaska Transportable Array Project - POSTER
Jeremy Miner et al.

Monday, December 14

05:32 - 05:36 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
S048-01 A Community Resource for Rapid Response to Geohazards
Justin Sweet et al.

07:00 - 08:00 PT - LIVE EVENT
ED038-02 Intentionality, Effort, Data and Time Are Key Ingredients for Change: Fostering Inclusive Research Opportunities in Seismology and Geophysics (Invited) - Part of a Panel Discussion

Michael Hubenthal and John Taber

10:30 - 10:34 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
GP005-05 Goals and Progress Towards Supporting Magnetotelluric Surveys from the IRIS PASSCAL Instrument Center
Andrew Frassetto et al.

S046-0001 Improving the Exchange of Seismic Metadata through Automated Format Conversion and Validation - POSTER
Tim Ronan et al.

S046-0004 Yasmine: A New Tool for StationXML Management - POSTER
Sidney Helman et al.

S046-0006 Creating Opportunities for Undergraduates during COVID-19: An Online Seismology Skill Building Workshop for a Global Community - POSTER
Michael Brudzinski et al.

Tuesday, December 15

19:06 - 19:10 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
S059-02 - Building and Maintaining a Global Seismic Network in the Oceans

John A Orcutt and Jonathan Berger

S059-03 Marine vs. Land: Advancements in Seismic Deployments
Kasey Aderhold et al.

Wednesday, December 16

05:54 - 05:58 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
ED053-06 A Case Study of Highly-Engaged Educators’ Integration of Real-Time Seismic Data in Secondary Classrooms
Tammy Bravo et al.

07:04 - 07:08 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
IN044-02 Developing a Common Cloud Platform for Geophysical Data Services
Chad Trabant et al.

10:27 - 10:32 PT - ORAL PRESENTATION
SY053-06 The Power of Words, Images, and Representation: Using Science Communication for Social Justice in STEM
Beth Bartel et al.