IRIS 2010 Workshop

June 9th – 11th, 2010
Snowbird, UT

It’s time to submit abstracts and registrations for the 2010 IRIS Workshop! For more information, please go to http://www.iris.edu/hq/iris_workshop/ and be aware of these deadlines:


   April 26  Abstracts for Posters

   May 7     Workshop Registration and Hotel Reservations


Workshop Summary

Looking ahead to an exciting future for the Earth sciences and building on the recent publication of  “Seismological Grand Challenges in Understanding Earth's Dynamic Systems”, the IRIS Consortium of over 110 U.S. universities has a very special opportunity to shape plans for continuing evolution of the facilities that support geophysical research.  We will also celebrate the 25th anniversary of IRIS.


Mike Brudzinski (Miami University of Ohio), Ed Garnero (Arizona State University), and Stéphane Rondenay (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have organized a program that will include plenary sessions related to many of the Grand Challenges. Between and after the plenary sessions, the workshop will include poster sessions and special interest group meetings. Each of these venues provides opportunities to delve into greater detail and to discuss the next steps and the resources required to support successful projects.


The IRIS Workshop will include settings for informal discussions, group dinners, and utilizing the recreational facilities at Snowbird Resort, including a field trip on the geology of the nearby Wasatch Fault and infrastructure that mitigates societal risk.


Plenary Sessions

The Science and Policy of Deadly Earthquakes - Wednesday, June 9 (morning)

Organized by:

Paul Earle (National Earthquake Information Center, USGS)

Wayne Pennington, Michigan Technical University and U.S. AID)


Exploration and Near-Surface Seismology - Wednesday, June 9 (afternoon)

Organized by:

Felix Hermann (University of British Columbia)

Beatrice Magnani (University of Memphis)


Imaging Mantle Dynamics - Thursday, June 10 (morning)

Organized by:

Brian Kennett (Australian National University)

Maureen Long (Yale University)


Triggering, Tremor and Transient Slip - Friday, June 11 (morning)

Organized by:

Greg Beroza (Stanford University)

Zhigang Peng (Georgia Institute of Technology)