Earth System Science Teacher Professional Development Institute

June 24th – 26th, 2013
NCA&T State University


To learn about earth systems, participate in handson, classroom ready activities, and obtain FREE curricula, posters, and books. All content will be correlated to the National Science Education Standards and the NEW 2012 NC Earth & Environmental Science Curriculum.

Participants will become engaged with the content and inquiry-based materials and will design Earth Science classroom experiences:

  • as a learner, through demonstrations, computer modeling, and hands-on activities;
  • as an educator, aware of how your students will interact with the materials and activities;
  • as a peer, providing feedback and suggestions to the presenters and each other

Topics covered include:
Causes & hazards of earthquakes / plate tectonics / propagation of seismic waves / seismographs / earth’s interior structure / weather processes from the global scale to the microscale / the nature and role of climate / remote sensing and weather balloons/ CubeSat

This workshop is sponsored by:

Africa Array, NASA, NOAA, IRIS, NSF,