Travel Tips and Forms

We welcome visitors at all of the IRIS locations. For information about how to make arrangements for your visit - airports, hotels, transportation - please follow the links below.

Travel Expense Report 2019

If you have traveled for IRIS, you can download the Travel Expense Report template in Excel. Click here to download. (Effective January 2019 – IRS standard mileage rate for the use of a car is $0.58 per mile for business miles driven.)    

Airline tickets must identify a U.S. flag air carrier designator code and flight number or submit a JUSTIFICATION FOR USE OF FOREIGN-FLAG AIR CARRIER form (only available in pdf) with your travel expense report. Click here to download.

Travel Policies and Procedures

IRIS Travel Policies and Procedures can be downloaded in pdf format. Click here to open.

Please note:

  • Expense reports should be submitted within two weeks of return from travel.
  • Expenses submitted for reimbursement 30 days or more after the ending date of travel must include a written justification for the delay in submission.
  • Expenses submitted for reimbursement 90 days or more after the ending date of travel are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Expense reports must be SIGNED and clearly show the destination and purpose of the business travel.

Travel Authorization Request:
Click here to submit a Travel Authorization Form.