Transportable Array Advisory Committee

Current Members

Thurber, Clifford (Chair) University of Wisconsin, Madison
Audet, Pascal University of Ottawa, Canada
Kiser, Eric University of Arizona
Prejean, Stephanie US Geological Survey, AVO
Ruppert, Natalia Alaska Earthquake Center, UAF
Stachnik, Josh Lehigh University
Vernon, Frank (Obs)                   University of California, San Diego (Array Network Facility)
Busby, Bob IRIS-Transportable Array Manager


Committee Charge

The Transportable Array Advisory Committee (TAAC) will review and provide advice on the operation, evolution, and technical performance of the USArray Transportable Array. The TAAC is neither a science planning nor operations committee, but should review TA operations in the context of the science framework for USArray and EarthScope, including and annual review of the Scope Management Plan. The TAAC will cultivate and incorporate community input and participation regarding the operational and scientific aspects of the TA, via convening of special interest groups or other mechanisms. The Transportable Array Manager will be the primary IRIS staff liaison with the Advisory Committee and will coordinate with the TAAC Chair to develop topics and questions for review and action by the TAWG.

The Committee will meet as needed, but no less than twice per year, and will provide an annual written report to the IS SC, the IRIS President and Board of Directors. Additionally, the Committee maybe charged with reviewing special topics and questions requiring prompt action. Members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of Directors and serve renewable three-year terms.


Action Items