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may, 2011

Preamble to Standing Committee Charge

The Program Standing Committees form essential links in the IRIS governance and management structures.  They provide a direct voice for the community to bring issues of policy and program development to the Programs and to the Board of Directors (BoD). They provide advice to the Program Managers and IRIS President in the development of activities and budgets to be presented to the BoD for approval.  Formally reporting to the BoD, these committees provide oversight of their respective Programs.  They also provide recommendations on policy issues and new programmatic initiatives to the BoD.  Each Standing Committee Chair is to work closely with the Program Manager to prepare semi-annual reports to the BoD and to develop agendas for Standing Committee meetings.

Ocean Bottom Seismograph Instrument Pool (OBSIP) Oversight Committee

The OBSIP Oversight Committee advises the Board of Directors and the OMO Project Manager to assess the appropriateness of staffing levels and budgets, the adequacy and responsiveness of service and instrumentation to the community, whether instrument developments are adequate to meet future needs, the quality of the data, and whether each IIC continues to meet the IIC definition and criteria. 

This OBSIP Oversight Committee is charged by the Board of Directors to:

  • Set guidelines for the use of the OBSIP facility. This includes the use of equipment and services provided by Institutional Instrument Contributors (IIC) personnel.
  • Set guidelines for archiving data collected in OBSIP experiments.
  • Provide guidance for scheduling instrument use and advise on issues
  • Establish procedures that define PI responsibilities.
  • Provide guidance on effective communication with the scientific community
  • Develop and evaluate strategies for the continued maintenance and procurement of OBSIP instrumentation so as to best serve the needs of the community. 
  • Develop new initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the OBSIP program
  • Advise the Project Manager and the IRIS President on program planning and annual budgets.
  • Perform an annual review of instrumentation usage, % data return and quality of data.
  • Prepare an annual report on OBSIP, including assessments of the OMO and each of the IICs.  

OBSIP Oversight Committee Membership and Rotation:

The OBSIP Oversight Committee shall consist of seven volunteer members of the marine seismology and broader research communities.  Members will serve staggered three-year terms.  The OBSIP Project Manager and IIC representatives will attend Oversight Committee meetings but not be members of the Committee.

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