Greenland Ice Sheet Monitoring Network (GLISN) Science Advisory Committee

Current Members

Nettles, Meredith (Chair) Columbia University, LDEO
Aster, Rick Colorado State University
Darbyshire, Fiona Université du Québec à Montréal
Ekström, Göran Columbia University, LDEO
MacAyeal, Doug University of Chicago
Park, Jeffrey Yale University
Rial, José University of North Carolina
Wiens, Doug Washington University, St. Louis
Anderson, Kent (obs) IRIS-GLISN Project Lead

Anderson and Nettles serve as the US technical and scientific representatives (resp.) on the GLISN International Steering committee.

Committee Charge

  • Provide scientific advice and input to the GLISN facility on technical issues and facility decisions, to achieve scientific goals and objectives.
  • Coordinate with the IRIS/UNAVCO Polar Network Science Committee and the GLISN International Steering Committee to work toward broadening disciplinary participation in GLISN science and to support international cooperation.
  • Encourage the use of GLISN data within the US and international seismological communities.