Data Products Working Group

The DPWG is a sub-committee of the DS Standing Committee.

Current Members

Terms for voting members are 3 years and expire at the end of the listed year.

Name Affiliation Term Expires
Hedlin, Michael SIO, University of California, San Diego     2016
Shillington, Donna LDEO, Columbia University 2016
Fischer, Karen Brown University 2017
McNamara, Dan USGS 2017
Schmandt, Brandon University of New Mexico 2017
Phillips, David (ex officio) Plate Boundary Observatory/UNAVCO
Gaherty, Jim (ex officio) Columbia University, LDEO, DSSC Chair
Ahern, Tim (obs) IRIS
Trabant, Chad (obs) IRIS
Woodward, Bob (obs) IRIS
Taber, John (obs) IRIS

Charge to the Data Products Working Group

The IRIS DS product development effort aims to produce products beyond raw data that serve as the basis for research needs or end-use education and outreach material. DS products should not compete with the research community or duplicate current efforts by the community or other facilities or agencies. The Data Products Working Group (DPWG) will propose, review and approve data products to be developed by the DS. This Working Group will be formed by the DS Standing Committee and should include DSSC, IRIS Core and EarthScope representation. The DPWG will primarily interact with the product development staff at the DMC and external product development resources identified by the DS. The Working Group is charged with the following tasks:


Data product approval process

Data products developed and hosted by the DMC must be approved by the DPWG. Anyone may make a proposal for the DMC to develop or work with external collaborators on new data products. The process of approval is described below:

  1. A proposal for new data product development and/or hosting by the DMC is presented to the DPWG by any member or DMC staff. This is done either at the DPWG meeting during AGU, on conference calls, or via email.
  2. If further evaluation of the product is need, the DPWG may approve DMC resources for exploration of the proposal.
  3. DMC staff prepare a Data Product Charter, which contains: a short overview of the product, a description of the final form of the product and the resources required to develop and host the product.
  4. The Charter is reviewed by the DPWG and potentially accepted, modified or rejected.
  5. If accepted, the DMC schedules resources as needed to develop the product.
  6. Once completed, a final review of the product and presentation by DPWG is conducted before the product is announced.

Meeting Minutes and Action Items