Board of Directors

Current Members

Last NameFirst NameInstitutionRoleSinceUntil
Schmandt Brandon University of New Mexico Member 2020 2023
Ammon Charles Pennsylvania State University Member 2019 2021
Thurber Clifford University of Wisconsin, Madison Vice-Chair 2018 2020
Caplan-Auerbach Jackie Western Washington University Member 2020 2023
Aster Rick Colorado State University Chair 2020 2022
Hansen Samantha The University of Alabama Member 2018 2020
Schwartz Susan University of California, Santa Cruz Member 2019 2021
Schulte-Pelkum Vera University of Colorado, Boulder Member 2018 2020
Kruse Sarah University of South Florida Member 2020 2023

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IRIS Corporate By Laws

IRIS By Laws revised June 11, 2004


BOD Subcommittee on Membership

Page for BOD Subcommittee on Membership can be found here. Legacy material here


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