cocom Committee positions from year 2022

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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Frassetto Andy IRIS CoCom Progr. Manager 2014 Present
Busby Bob IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2005 Present
Woodward Bob IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2011 Present
Schmandt Brandon University of New Mexico CoCom Chair 2022 2022
Dalton Colleen Brown University CoCom Member 2020 2023
Freymueller Jeff Michigan State University CoCom Member 2022 2023
Taber John IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2002 Present
Anderson Kent IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2010 Present
Key Kerry Columbia University, LDEO CoCom Member 2022 2023
Wagner Lara Carnegie Institution for Science CoCom Member 2022 2023
Long Maureen Yale University CoCom Member 2020 2022
Brudzinski Mike Miami University of Ohio CoCom Member 2022 2023
Morris Robin IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2015 Present
Hansen Samantha The University of Alabama CoCom Member 2022 2023
van der Lee Suzan Northwestern University CoCom Member 2020 2022
Carter Jerry IRIS CoCom IRIS Staff 2019 Present