bod Committee positions from year 2018

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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Thurber Clifford University of Wisconsin, Madison BoD Vice-Chair 2018 2020
Shillington Donna Columbia University, LDEO BoD Member 2017 2019
Wiens Douglas Washington University, St. Louis BoD Chair 2017 2019
Fischer Karen Brown University BoD Member 2016 2018
Koper Keith The University of Utah BoD Member 2016 2018
West Michael University of Alaska, Fairbanks BoD Member 2016 2018
Hansen Samantha The University of Alabama BoD Member 2018 2020
Schulte-Pelkum Vera University of Colorado, Boulder BoD Member 2018 2020
Peng Zhigang Georgia Institute of Technology BoD Member 2017 2019