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Last NameNameInstitutionComm.RollSinceUntil
Trehu Anne Oregon State University IS Member 2017 2019
Romanowicz Barbara University of California, Berkeley IS Member 2014 2015
Woodward Bob IRIS IS Director 2011 Present
Wolfe Cecily US Geological Survey, Reston IS Ex Officio 2016 2018
Okaya David University of Southern California IS Member 2017 2017
Wiens Doug Washington University, St. Louis IS Chair 2014 2016
Pavlis Gary Indiana University IS Member 2014 2016
Pavlis Gary Indiana University IS Chair 2017 2019
Gilbert Hersh University of Calgary IS Member 2014 2016
McGuire Jeff Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution IS Board Liaison 2014 2016
Park Jeffrey Yale University IS Ex Officio 2017 Present
Wagner Lara Carnegie Institution of Science, DTM IS Ex Officio 2015 2017
Nettles Meredith Columbia University, LDEO IS Ex Officio 2014 2016
West Michael University of Alaska, Fairbanks IS Board Liaison 2016 2018
Russo Ray University of Florida IS Member 2014 2018
Moran Seth USGS, Cascadia Volcano Observatory IS Member 2014 2014
Schwartz Susan University of California, Santa Cruz IS Ex Officio 2018 2020
Lekic Vedran University of Maryland IS Member 2016 2018