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Center for Geophysical Investigation of the Shallow Subsurface

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I come to IRIS not as a traditional seismologist, but as a geophysicist that relies heavily on all aspectsof IRIS and other community-based resources. My science focus on near surface geophysics addressesboth natural andhuman enhancedgeoscience problems in our society. With this focus, I engage with colleagues, facilities and organizations in many solid earth, cryosphere, resource-based, and hydrosphere arenas. My interest in natural hazards takes me to a diverse set of landscapes where I rely on IRIS (active and passive) instrumentation to conduct my research in marine, urban, and extreme (warm and cold) climate conditions.I am a strong advocate for the IRIS NextGen instrumentation initiative to expand our research impact in many geophysical arenas. My interest in teaching, mentoring, and international outreach was the impetus to create an 8 nation geophysics field camp in SE Asia, mentor 6 IRIS summer interns over a 6 year period, and provide instruction during the Earthscope/US Array Data Processing short course. A reliance on community data via the IRIS DMC has also been greatly beneficial to my research to both archive and recover seismic data. In addition to a focus on the evolution and improvement of IRIS core programs, I would like to take my experiences from a number of geophysical communities to expand the reach and impact of IRIS. Through an initiative of inclusion, I see IRIS moving forward as a strong and viable institution for a broad based geophysics community. I would be honored to put my experiencesand vision to work on behalf of IRIS as a member of the Board of Directors.