David Okaya

 Associate Professor (Research)   

 Department of Earth Sciences

 University of Southern California




Education and Employment


 Service to the IRIS and Seismological Community



IRIS has had a profound impact on the way we do seismology, geophysics, and earth sciences. It has enabled us as individuals to tackle big science questions, and IRIS has fostered a true spirit of cooperation, sharing, and openness in the way we organize and carry out our science.  Shortly (i.e., within the next proposal cycle), IRIS will face issues that may affect how we the seismological community use IRIS as a resource.  Our facilities have matured and we continually face the need to keep our core programs maintained at quality levels.  We may also face facilities recompetition and suggestions for more closely aligned data observation programs.  These may impact the structure of IRIS as a community resource. At the same time, as our science progresses and advances in observational technology and computing/IT become more accessible, we need to invest effort so that IRIS evolves with us. As we the IRIS community respond to these issues we want to maintain standards of technological excellence, quality open data, and equitable access to seismological facilities -- the hallmark traits that have made IRIS so successful.