Anne Trehu


College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences

Oregon State University





Education and Employment


Service to IRIS and the Seismological Community



IRIS geared up as I was starting my career, which enabled me, my fellow seismologist spouse, and many others to conduct wide-ranging, field-based research from a home base that did not have significant institutional resources.  Over the years, I have benefitted from the broad spectrum of IRIS facilities, from global and regional network data downloaded from the DMC to high-resolution multichannel gear used for teaching and hydrological research, by way of PASSCAL, US-Array and the OBSIP.  As IRIS approaches its 4th decade and embarks on a thorough review of its programs, I think my long and varied experience with IRIS and with other major NSF facilities (e.g. IODP and OOI) could provide a useful perspective. Seismology is a core Earth Science discipline that is essential for addressing important natural hazard and resource issues, and it is essential that IRIS remain healthy and responsive to the community as we plan for the future.