SIMA/PICASSO: Seismic Investigations of the Moroccan Atlas/program to Investigate Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn

SIMA/PICASSO: Seismic Investigations of the Moroccan Atlas/program to Investigate Convective Alboran Sea System Overturn Map showing SIMA seismic refraction profile (stations are plotted in red), and shotpoints (black stars). SP1 is near El Hajeb, Morocco.
In April 2010 we conducted a ~500 km long seismic refraction survey extending from the Sahara Desert to the Mediterranean Sea across Morocco. The refraction profile crossed the recently uplifted High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, and the western edge of the Rif Mountains. The project, Seismic Investigations of the Moroccan Atlas (SIMA), is affiliated with the PICASSO program in Spain and Morocco.
</p><p>SIMA utilized 930 Reftek 125 Texan seismographs from the PASSCAL Instrument Center. Nominal instrument spacing was 350m from El Hajeb (central Morocco) south to the Sahara, and 500m to the north. The instruments recorded six 1000 kg shots located from El Hajeb south. An internationally diverse field crew of 75 faculty and students from more than a dozen institutions in Africa, Europe, and North America conducted the 2 week long experiment. Preliminary examination of the data shows quite complicated wide-angle reflections from several levels of the crust.
</p><p>PICASSO is a project that includes land and sea magnetotelluric measurements, active and passive seismic experiments, geochemical sampling, structural geology, and geodynamic investigations of the western Mediterranean, and particularly of the Betics, the Gibraltar Arc, the Alboran Sea, the Rif, and the Atlas Mountains. PICASSO institutions include Rice, USC, Oregon, and WHOI in the USA, CSIC Earth Science Institute "Jaume Almera", Barcelona, the University of Barcelona, and the University of Salamanca in Spain, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies in Ireland, GEOMAR and the University of Muenster in Germany, and the Scientific Institute of Rabat, in Morocco.
</p><p>Acknowledgements: SIMA was funded by a grant from the Spanish Science Foundation (FECYT), and was supported as part of PICASSO by grant EAR 0808939 from the NSF Continental Dynamics Program. We thank the Scientific Institute of Rabat, Rabat, Morocco, for generous assistance in the field, and Lloyd Carothers, Mike Fort, and Lisa Foley from the PASSCAL Instrument Center for outstanding field support.</p>


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