IRIS DMS Data Products, Beyond Raw Data at the IRIS DMC

IRIS DMS Data Products, Beyond Raw Data at the IRIS DMC Earth Model Collaboration(EMC): a web site dedicated to the preview and distribution of tomography models.
The IRIS DMC has begun an increased eort to create, archive and distribute products derived from raw data that serve as the basis for research needs or end-use education and outreach material. ese products expand the DMC’s oerings beyond the raw data traditionally accessed at the DMC. Data products are being produced both by the scientific community and the IRIS DMC. In most cases these new products, particularly the ones produced at the DMC, will be routinely generated and serve as consistent data sets. To ensure that useful and appropriate products are created and managed at the DMC, a Data Products Working Group (DPWG) representing the research community was formed to evaluate and propose product ideas.
</p><p>Products released or near realease include USArray Ground Motion Visualizations (GMVs), the EarthScope Automated Receiver Survey (EARS) developed at the University of South Carolina, suites of event plots, Princeton 1D & 3D synthetic seismograms and the Earth Model Collaboration (EMC) for exchange, preview and download of tomography models. Many more product ideas are in consideration and will be evaluated and developed in the near future.
See for more information. </p><p>Acknowledgements: Product development within the IRIS DMS is supported by the NSF grants #EAR-0552316 and EAR-0733069.</p>


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