USArray Education and Outreach in Southwest Indian Country

USArray Education and Outreach in Southwest Indian Country Teachers participating in the September 2009 workshop in Flagstaff.
The EarthScope project has benefited greatly from permission to deploy USArray and Plate Boundary Observatory geophysical instruments on American Indian lands. Some instruments were sited near K-14 schools with expectations that (1) in the short term, students and teachers would be able to monitor “their” station online, and (2) long after deployment, the school would benefit from a continuing outreach association with the EarthScope project and the greater geoscience research community.
</p><p>A cross-cultural workshop (NAPP-ES) held at ASU in 2005 yielded a number of specific recommendations for follow-up education and outreach activities [Semken et al., 2007]. As USArray moves out of tribal lands in the intermountain West and traverses Indian country in the Rockies and Great Plains, it is important to remain constructively engaged with Native schools and communities.
</p><p>A follow-up E&O workshop, Exploring Southwest Geology and Geophysics through the EarthScope program, was held in Flagstaff, Arizona on 26-27 September 2009 and served 20 K-12 and college teachers from schools located on or near Native American nations across Arizona, many of which hosted seismic stations during the USArray deployment in Arizona in 2007- 2009. The workshop was co-led by geoscience educators from ASU, UNAVCO, and IRIS, with visiting speakers from NAU, USGS, and the National Park Service. Educational materials produced for and used at the workshop can be accessed at http://
</p><p>Further education and outreach activities among Southwest Native nations are planned.
</p><p>Semken, S., Fouch, M., Garnero, E., Zah, P., & Lippert, D. (2007). Meshing American Indian concerns with goals of EarthScope's USArray. Eos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union, 88(31), 309-310.
</p><p>Acknowledgements: The NAPP-ES workshop and follow-up meetings were supported by award EAR-0454502 from the EarthScope Science Program of the National Science Foundation. Siting-related outreach work was supported by a grant from the USArray Siting Outreach Program. The Flagstaff E&O workshop was supported by IRIS, UNAVCO, and ASU.</p>


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