Global Seismographic Network Recording of the Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake

Global Seismographic Network Recording of the Sumatra-Andaman Earthquake Global vertical-component displacement record for the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake using data from 109 GSN stations retrieved from the IRIS DMC. Velocity seismograms were high-pass filtered at 120 s prior to integration. The time interval of 6 hours is sufficient to show two global circuits of the Rayleigh waves.

The Mw = 9.0 Sumatra-Andaman Islands earthquake of December 26, 2004 was among the largest earthquakes of the past century, and the first such earthquake to be recorded by modern digital seismometry with its broad bandwidth and high dynamic range. The wavefield recorded by and real-time telemetered from the Global Seismographic Network (Butler et al., 2004) and from the observatories of the broader Federation of Digital Seismographic Networks (FDSN; Dziewonski, 1994) exceeded 1 cm (Park et al., 2005; Lay et al., 2005). Data were available to the international research and general user communities in real time from the IRIS Data Management Center.

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