Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these images come from?

These images are submitted from a wide variety of sources from within the seismology community. Many images come from staff here at IRIS as well as researchers working in the field with IRIS equipment. Images are also frequently submitted from the educational community and amateur seismologists.

How can I use these images?

You are free to use any images in the IRIS Image Gallery for private or non-profit use. One of the primary purposes of this Image Gallery is to encourage people to use these images to help better educate the public on the activities of IRIS as well as the greater seismology community. The only thing that we ask is that you credit a photo appropriately when you use it. Directly below each photo is a "Credit Line" that indicates who is responsible for the photo. Please include this line whenever you use the image. If you want more detailed information on how you can use an image, please consult the Image Usage Agreement. If you have any questions about how you can use an image, you can direct them to gallery@iris.edu.

How can I get a higher resolution version of one of the images?

We have Hi-Res versions available for many of the images in the IRIS Image Gallery, but not for all of them. If a Hi-Res image for a particular image is available there will be a link below the photo titled "Request a Hi-Res Version of this Image".

Can I submit my own images?

Yes! We are always look for more quality seismology images. To begin submitting images you must Request an Account and agree to the terms in the Image Contributors Agreement. Someone will contact you shortly after you have requested an account with details on how to login and begin uploading images.

I have a question about a particular image. Where can I ask it?

Below each photo is a link labeled "Feedback on this Image". This will direct you to a short form where you can ask any questions concerning a particular image.

I have a bug or problem with the site. Who do I report it to?

The Image Gallery is still fairly new so we welcome any feedback or suggestions on it. You can direct any problems or suggestions to gallery@iris.edu


Welcome to the IRIS Image Gallery – a diverse collection of photographs and visuals that encompass the range and breadth of seismology and the seismological community.

Please browse through our albums. These low and medium-resolution images can be freely used for personal and educational/academic purposes, but we request you recognize the image contributor by including in your product or presentation the credit displayed with each image.

More information is available in the Image Use Agreement.

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions related to the IRIS Image Gallery, you can send them to gallery@iris.edu.

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