IRIS International Development Seismology (IDS)

'Advanced Studies Institute on Seismological Research'

Kuwait City, Kuwait

January 19–22, 2013

Workshop Information


As part of its international development activities, IRIS International Development Seismology (IDS), in collaboration with IRIS Data Services, is organizing a four–day Advanced Studies Institute focusing on modern techniques in seismological research in Kuwait City, Kuwait — January 19–22, 2013.

This Institute will immediately follow the IRIS Metadata Workshop and will consist of lectures and practical exercises led by an international team of senior investigators and faculty. Participants will be selected among the participants in the Metadata Workshop, based on technical and scientific background and interest.

Separate registration is required for each workshop.

Specific topics

Determining Lithospheric Structure Using the Joint Inversion of Receiver Functions and Surface Waves


The receiver function (RF) method has proven successful at using the recordings of teleseismic earthquakes to model the timing of reverberations in the crust and upper mantle due to major seismic discontinuities directly below the recording stations (e.g. basement, Moho). Combining receiver functions with information from surface waves (SW) allows us to improve our estimates of crustal velocities and, correspondingly, the depths to the discontinuities, providing a better overall image of the lithospheric structure under a station. More sophisticated analysis, which include features such as the lithospheric lid, the lithospheric–asthenospheric boundary (LAB) and transverse isotropy in the mantle, can be introduced as necessary to fit the combined data sets. This course will serve to instruct participants in receiver function analysis, including the determination of P–wave receiver functions, RF inversions, and joint RF/SW inversions. Analysis from a number of stations in a seismic network can be combined to provide insights into the seismotectonic structure across a given region.

Required software

  1. Pgplot
  2. Java
  3. SAC
  4. GMT
  5. Compilers: g77, gcc, gfortran



January 19
January 20
January 21
January 22


IRIS IDS with support from the NSF, KISR.


Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)


Only individuals participating in the IRIS Metadata Workshop will be considered for participation in the Advanced Studies Institute. Acceptance in the metadata workshop does not mean acceptance in the Advanced Studies Institute.

The IRIS DMS will arrange air tickets and lodging (double occupancy). Participants will be asked to share a room. Upgrades to a single room are possible, but participants will be responsible for the cost difference.

Visas and entry requirements will need to be arranged by the participant.

Letters of Invitation will be sent by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

Financial Support

There will be no registration fee to participate in this Advanced Studies Institute. Financial support is available from IRIS and will include hotel accommodation (double occupancy) and cost of meals, for those participants also attending the Metadata Workshop.

Dates and Venue

January 19–22, 2013
Workshop will be held in Kuwait City, Kuwait.

Note: The IRIS Metadata Workshop will be taking place January 14–18, prior to this meeting.


Registration opens on August 17, 2012 and closes on September 28, 2012. Thank you for your interest.

IRIS will notify applicants if their request to attend the workshop is accepted by mid–October, 2012.

Registration is now closed.

Mailing Address

1200 New York Ave. NW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

Workshop Contact

Olga Cabello, Ph.D.
Director of International Development Seismology
The IRIS Consortium

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