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IRIS Data Management System
DMC Data Users Short Course

June 7, 2006
Westward Look Resort
Tucson, Arizona


Workshop Information

Workshop Agenda

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Workshop Information

The IRIS Data Management System hosted the IRIS DMC Data Users Short Course on June 7, 2006.

This full day course was taught by staff from the IRIS DMC and course materials presented should be of interest to anyone wishing to request and use data from the IRIS DMC.

The topics covered include:

The Data Holdings at IRIS
Data Organization of data at the IRIS DMC
DMC Centered Request Mechanisms
Servicing Requests - the View from inside the DMC
What users do when receiving data
FISSURES and the Data Handling Interface
Distributed DHI Enabled Data Centers
DHI Clients
Using Real Time Data from the DMC
Product Management for USArray and IRIS - the SPADE system
Web Services - New capabilities and future directions
Other Resources


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