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WCIL - Waubonsee Community College

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Waubonsee Community College (College)

Rt 47 @ Waubonsee Dr
Sugar Grove, IL 60554 United States

This station is a AS-1 seismometer that was installed on 07/01/2005 at an elevation of 214.0000 meters.

Latitude: 41.7961
Longitude: -88.459


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Date Event Magnitude Seismogram Image .SAC File
2009-09-30 10:16:10 southern Sumatra, Indonesia 7.9 Seismogram Image .SAC File
2009-09-29 17:48:15 Samoa Islands region 8.0 Seismogram Image .SAC File
2009-09-24 07:16:21 off the coast of Jalisco, Mexico 6.4 Seismogram Image .SAC File
2009-09-02 07:55:02 Java, Indonesia 7.4 Seismogram Image .SAC File