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2014-04-18 06:50:51 - 1km NW of Ashwell, United Kingdom (3.5)

Magnitude Key Icon Location of the origin of the 1km NW of Ashwell, United Kingdom 3.5 earthquake.
Icon Icon Stations that recorded this earthquake.

Uploaded Data

Station Network Name City State Country Seismogram Image .SAC File
DL02 SIE St. Columba's College Stranorlar Ireland Seismogram Image .SAC File
WORDW UK Bishop Wordsworths School 11 The Close Salisbury UK Seismogram Image .SAC File
STEDS UK St. Edward s Jnr. High School S Westwood Road, Leek Staffs UK Seismogram Image .SAC File
CSCHA UK Central Sussex College 6th Form Haywards Heath Harlands Road Haywards Heath UK Seismogram Image .SAC File

Event Info

Date/Time 2014-04-18 06:50:51
Region 1km NW of Ashwell, United Kingdom
Magnitude 3.5
Depth 2
Lat/Long 52.722 / -0.732

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