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2012-05-17 08:12:01 - eastern Texas (4.3)

Magnitude Key Icon Location of the origin of the eastern Texas 4.3 earthquake.
Icon Stations that recorded this earthquake.

Uploaded Data

Station Network Name City State Country Seismogram Image .SAC File
EPTX IRI Eagle Pass High School Eagle Pass TX US Seismogram Image .SAC File
WBCT IRI Westbrook High School Westbrook CT USA Seismogram Image .SAC File
AZAZ IRI Corona del Sol High School Tempe AZ United States Seismogram Image .SAC File
PCAZ IRI Phoenix Country Day School Paradise Valley AZ United States Seismogram Image .SAC File

Event Info

Date/Time 2012-05-17 08:12:01
Region eastern Texas
Magnitude 4.3
Depth 5
Lat/Long 31.9024 / -94.3323

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